26 September 2013


Sleeping in. Scarves. Boots. Coffee. Good music. Editing photos. Writing. Reading. NCIS. New Girl. Baking. Apple cider. Butternut squash soup. Knitting.


13 September 2013

Picture, Playlist, and Update

Yeah, I know. I never post on here, and I don't really plan to, either. I've been crazy busy working all the time - and watching Twin Peaks when I finally have time off :)  But I have an amazing playlist to share, and an update. And a picture, because, well, this is me we're talking about. First, the picture:

Make that two pictures. The first is me and my true love. The second is me and my sister on my 22nd birthday. We're both having an amazing time. Trust me.
Next: The Perfect Playlist.

It's incredible, right? You're welcome.
Now, the update: I've realized I like writing poetry, so if you're interested in seeing what I write, I will be sharing it over here: My New Tumblr. I also have a tumblr for Things I Like. The second is less edited and more of a place for me to save things. But whatever.


....actually...that was kind of fun. Maybe once I get my life back (hopefully soon) I'll start posting again. We'll see.