29 February 2012

Raise Your Hand...

...if you toast your pop-tarts and put butter on them. I'm not sure who started this tradition in my family, but it's been around for as long as I can remember. Of course, chocolate pop-tarts are by far my favorite. What's yours?


Artist Spotlight: Arcade Fire

This is definitely a band worth knowing.

Arcade Fire hails from Canada (let's avoid the jokes, please). They were formed in 2001 and have continued strong ever since, even winning a Grammy and several other awards in 2011.You may have heard snippets of their music in the Benjamin Button or Where the Wild Things Are movie previews.

And, if you had any doubt about how awesome they are, here's the really exciting news: Arcade Fire is going to have a song on the Hunger Games soundtrack!!! (P.S. I'm so insanely stoked for that movie, hence all the exclamation points). 

Check out their websiteMyspace, and Facebook.

My favorite song is My Body Is A Cage. What's yours? 


28 February 2012

New Slang

I am so perfectly content today.
The weather is beautiful. 
I'm sewing some pretty felt clutches for you guys. 

I'm listening to the Shins. 
New Slang by The Shins on Grooveshark

I'm drinking green tea. 
I might get a real job soon (hooray, steady income!). 
I get to watch NCIS tonight. 
I'm going to finish reading Eating Animals today. I'm going to continue reading Pride & Prejudice. Tomorrow I start listening to Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (while making more items for my shop).
(Kicking it old school with cassette tapes)

What are some highlights of your day? 


26 February 2012


How's this for a cheerful morning?

This book finally came in the mail this week. I've never particularly liked the story before (though occasionally I'd watch the Kiera Knightly movie version for the music and about two scenes), but for some reason, it is exactly what I wanted to read lately. 

Yes, this is how I roll. 

My cousin was visiting so we went out for a photography walk. 

Man, Starbucks is everywhere! 

My cousin had a photography project she was working on, and I was modeling for her. The top right is my favorite. (This is not the finished project). 

I poached an egg for the first time in my life. 

I also made sweet potato french fries - check out my other blog on Tuesday for the recipe! 

New tags for shop orders

I also spent a considerable amount of time watching Downton Abbey. I'm so sad that I've finished. The first season is on Netflix, if you're interested in watching it, and the second one is on the PBS website for a limited time, so you'd better hurry!


P.S. Finally, check out this painting giveaway that a friend of mine is hosting! 

25 February 2012

I've Been Featured!!!

Hey guys, I'm super excited to announce that I've been featured on Etsy! Woohoo! I don't know that this is something particularly special, but....I'm so excited :)

Check it out here


Shop Talk

Hello, everyone! I've been working hard all week on things for my shop, Hooks & Reels. I'm especially excited after my wonderful mother bought a bunch of supplies for me the other day. Of course, there are prints of my photography and my crochet clutches, but I am hoping to add crochet purses/shoulder bags, hand sewn felt clutches, and hair accessories, come March.

And remember, I will be donating half of the money I receive in March to an anti-trafficking fund!


24 February 2012

Friday Love

Pretty pictures from Wit & Delight.

This is absolutely fantastic.


A hilarious clip from Regular Show. I want a message like this.


23 February 2012

Raise Your Hand...

...if you're addicted to this show.

Raise your hand again if you thought for a long time that it said "Downtown Abbey". 


My favorites are Sybil, Bates, and Anna. Who are yours?


22 February 2012

Artist Spotlight: The Shins

Lately, The Shins have been steadily climbing my list of favorite artists. They have such a catchy, light, clean sound. It's happy and cheerful while being calm and soothing. Does it get any better than that?

The Shins started in 1996 as a side project for the lead singer, James Mercer. However, the first album was so popular that it became necessary to form a full band. Over the years their popularity has continued to grow, especially after their work on the soundtrack of Garden State.

Interesting tidbit: In 2008, The Shins' song Past and Pending was played at Heath Ledger's funeral.

Check out their website, Facebook, and Myspace.


21 February 2012

Shop Talk

There hasn't been much happening concerning my Etsy shop, Hooks and Reels, but I have big plans for March! I'm working on new designs and products so I can load up my shop. Then, in March, I'm going to donate half of the money I receive to an anti-trafficking fund! I'm pretty excited about the idea.
Here are a couple behind the scenes photos from yesterday's shoot.

I'm also working on a new bag pattern. This one is unfinished because I ran out of the right color of yarn.

I think the modeling is my favorite part, whether I'm modeling or photographing someone else.


20 February 2012

DIY: How To Crochet Pattern

If you've seen any of the crochet clutches I make, you've probably noticed that I like to crochet shapes on the back of some of them. Here are some tips to get you started.

What you need:

  • graph paper
  • pen or pencil
  • ideas

First, figure out what size you want your crochet pattern to be. My envelope purses are usually a width of 25 or 27 stitches and folded to a height of about 15 rows (so, excluding the closing flap, it's about 30 rows total). When I design my pattern, I draw a graph of the back of my clutch. 

Second, design your pattern. Once you've graphed the size of your clutch, play around with the squares and figure out what pattern you want. Adding round shapes is hard, so it might require some erasing and altering. Sometimes I color in each square that is part of my design to help set it apart from the background. 

Finally, start crocheting. Depending on how you made your pattern, you might need to crochet for a while before you have to pay attention to your graph. I always crochet the front half of my clutch first, and then continue with the back and the pattern. 

Actually crocheting your pattern can be tricky. If your design is very intricate, you might have to switch colors a lot, and if you're not careful, it can look sloppy. Sometimes it helps to crochet over the color you're not using. This allows the string to be right where you need it when you switch colors again. I would recommend only using a couple colors at first, to help you get the hang of switching colors back and forth and find your groove. 

I'd love to see what designs you come up with! 


19 February 2012


Putting up some new photographs and business cards in C&C coffee - if you live in the area, check it out! 

I watched Bambi. The music in this movie is amazing. Also, here's a fun fact I learned last year by eavesdropping to my roommate and her friend. Remember the part when Bambi is scared and calling out for his mother? Apparently, when they made the movie, they told the kid that his mother was in the other room and hurt or something, so he had to call out to her. Then they recorded it and used it in the movie. Nothing like traumatizing a kid to boost your ratings. 
Oh - you betcha I have a VHS player! That sucker is my favorite. I've been buying Disney movies for cheap at thrift stores and watching them. I think Sleeping Beauty is next.  

A tasty snack.

Warning: you are about to witness my crazy cat lady tendencies. 

Cricket was playing with her own shadow. 

I cooked a lot this week. Check it out on my other, food related blog.

I'm making a rainbow clutch for my shop! I really like it so far. I've got big plans for next month, too, so stay tuned! Also, did I ever mention that I'm selling now selling prints of my photos? Check it out!

This is the first photo I've taken like this that I've actually liked. This was on the way to work Friday, at the butt crack of dawn.