19 February 2012


Putting up some new photographs and business cards in C&C coffee - if you live in the area, check it out! 

I watched Bambi. The music in this movie is amazing. Also, here's a fun fact I learned last year by eavesdropping to my roommate and her friend. Remember the part when Bambi is scared and calling out for his mother? Apparently, when they made the movie, they told the kid that his mother was in the other room and hurt or something, so he had to call out to her. Then they recorded it and used it in the movie. Nothing like traumatizing a kid to boost your ratings. 
Oh - you betcha I have a VHS player! That sucker is my favorite. I've been buying Disney movies for cheap at thrift stores and watching them. I think Sleeping Beauty is next.  

A tasty snack.

Warning: you are about to witness my crazy cat lady tendencies. 

Cricket was playing with her own shadow. 

I cooked a lot this week. Check it out on my other, food related blog.

I'm making a rainbow clutch for my shop! I really like it so far. I've got big plans for next month, too, so stay tuned! Also, did I ever mention that I'm selling now selling prints of my photos? Check it out!

This is the first photo I've taken like this that I've actually liked. This was on the way to work Friday, at the butt crack of dawn.



Josie said...

awww your kitty is adorable!

Scout said...

Thanks! Obviously, I'm very fond of her :)

Veronica P. said...

wonderful details