31 March 2011

Never Never

I want to be Peter Pan.
- Scout

I'll Stop the World (and melt with you)

I owe you a decent post, I know. I have several things in mind, just no time yet to work on them. For now, how about some 80s music?

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28 March 2011

Weekend Adventure

Random photos from my weekend off campus.
I. Love. Doughnuts. 
 Coffee bikes at Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee


27 March 2011

Swing Dancing

Want to know a secret? I LOVE to swing dance. I think I'm pretty decent, too. I just spent two hours working on choreography with a friend of mine. It was awesome! And we learned several new tricks! This is us from last semester (for the few that haven't seen it yet).


25 March 2011

Friday Love

1. Being on time! 

2. Power lines

3. The color yellow 
[I don't know the source!]
[I don't know the source!]

4. The California burrito from Cotijas. 

5. Deas Vail (more to come on them later!) 

6. Wildflowers Photography. Probably my favorite photographer ever. I love her stuff. These are some that I was able to steal from online.
 This is her daughter and her best friend.
Isn't her kitchen beautiful? 

7. This photoshoot by James Moes.


23 March 2011

Thanks, Mozilla

I clicked to open the internet and then went to do some mundane task while I waited for it to install updates. I got back and saw Mozilla's update page, which said something along the lines of, "Watch these cute animals!" To which I enthusiastically replied, "Okay!"
Bad idea.

This is a red panda, also known as a firefox (hence Mozilla's video of them).
I want one! I can hardly stand how adorable they are.
Images from Google Images


Water Droplets and Adventures

Today didn't turn out too bad after all. I hung out outside, I'm watching one of my favorite movies - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - if you haven't seen it, watch it! And later, if all goes well, I'm going to hang out with a friend from my San Diego trip!
Here's some of my adventure:

I found a four leaf clover!
 I have a collection.
 I found a snail! I called him Franklin.
He didn't answer.

 Isn't this cute?!
 So is this.
 This has been my favorite view of late.

I  made a tiny bouquet.