02 March 2011

Artist Spotlight: The Beatles (cont'd)

I didn't want to make my last post crazy long, so here's a second installment on the Beatles, with more photographs and music.

My favorite Beatles songs include [but are not limited to]:
♫ Revolution ♫ Let it Be ♫ Twist and Shout ♫ Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da ♫ Martha, My Dear ♫ Blackbird ♫ All You Need is Love ♫ I've Just Seen a Face ♫ Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds ♫ Come Together

Cute kid singing Hey Jude

Twist and Shout in Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Regina Spektor singing Real Love

Some fantastic photographs

 My favorite:

Sources: here, here, and Google Images

[All you need is] Love,

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earlynovemberlove said...

They stopped being as adorable when they started growing facial hair. I agree that George is the best looking. I like Ringo's nose though! : ) Also, I don't feel like posting two different comments so I will say that you would DEFINITELY be the girl at 9 minutes in. Like, it's uncanny.