19 March 2011

Friday Love...

I know I'm always late! But I refuse to change it to Saturday Love because then I wouldn't get it done until even later.

1. Tom Petty. This is my new favorite song by him.

2. People that treat others - friends and strangers alike - with love and respect.

3. These outfits from Where the Lovely Things Are.

Note: Every one of them has a cardigan. I love those, too :)

4. This photograph from here.

5. These shoes from here. I think I found the photo on this blog. I would definitely be okay with owning some yellow shoes.

6. San Diego. When can I go back?
Images via Google Images.

7. This note I found [and took].

8. My best friend from Maryland, ANNA JONES!!!! It's her birthday today. Happy birthday!!

9. Odd numbers :)


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