30 September 2011

Friday Love

Autumn. Absolute favorite ever.





This cute song.

Pecan pie. Check this out: This.

Peace out!

29 September 2011


I have this thing for 90s trends. I love them. I want to bring them all back. Okay, maybe not all. I do like the huge sweaters, though. And pogs. Can we bring those back? And the cartoons. I mean, does it get any better than Doug? Oh! I watched my first episode ever of Pinky and the Brain last week. It wasn't bad.

Speaking of the 90s, I got a VHS of 101 Dalmatians at the thrift store today! I think it's one of my new favorites. Others include Cinderella and Sword in the Stone. Did you know 101 Dalmatians was a book? It's pretty good. The author, Dodie Smith, does a good job of making Cruella de Vil uber creepy. I also got the book The Three Faces of Eve. Have y'all seen the movie? It's amazing. I can't wait to read the book.

Lastly, I really like jazz. So I'm sharing a playlist with you! Some of it's old, some are newer takes on old songs, some are more along the lines of a crooner style. Either way, it's good music. Summertime is one of my favorite jazz songs ever.


28 September 2011

A Lesson For Me To Remember

From Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning:

Trusting God does not mean you'll be happy or things will be easier. Trusting God just might mean you'll be crucified.


27 September 2011


Here's what I need:

  • A good book to read - one that really captures your attention. {Last great read: The Help. Does it still count if I listened to it instead of read it?} 
  • A good movie to watch. {Last great watch: Mona Lisa Smile.}
  • Good music to listen to. {Most recent musical find: Quiet Company. Check out their free download!} 
  • Autumn-esque items for my wardrobe - a mustard yellow cardigan, maybe? Moccasins? And definitely comfy sweaters. 
  • Supplies to be crafty. How about some thick yarn and lots of pretty fabric? {Most recent creation: attempted skirt, only so-so.}
  • Caramel for my coffee.
  • Something to do, somewhere to go, someone to see. I need some direction, see? 


Another Television Show

You guys, I am SO excited for this. So, so excited. And I just love Ginnifer Goodwin.

What do you think?


24 September 2011

Music, Music, Music!

I have decided that these two songs are my theme songs for this weekend. The first, because it's awesome and I want it to be. The second, because I haven't gotten it out of my head since Thursday.  I know, I showed it to you yesterday and probably before, but since it's been in my head for nigh on three days, I'm sharing it again.

Man, I need to watch that movie again. 

What are your current "theme" songs?


23 September 2011

Friday Love

Pretty Flowers.

Which is also the name of a song written by Steve Martin. It's cute, not funny.

Blankets. Especially ones with character.

My grandma had a lot of these flowers before, but I only started liking them this summer.

I would love to own a pretty dress like this.

Art found on here on Wanderlusted.

This hilarious video that I somehow found on Youtube.

Lastly, this cute song that has been stuck in my head all evening. This particular version is from The Jerk. I can only remember the first line of that movie. Anyway, I thought this version was particularly adorable with the ocean in the background. 

Peace out, 

Crochet Mary Janes

If you wanted to know how I made the crochet slippers I posted about here, then today is your lucky day! This is the pattern I used, but, true to form, I changed it a little. Mostly I just left off the strap. You can also check out this pattern, which looks pretty cool.

Keep on truckin'!

22 September 2011

Pity Party

I am not feeling well today. I just feel really lame. I get very bored with my life, and usually I manage - I'm a pretty lazy person - but some days I just get very glum. Like today.

Today I feel like I can't do anything right. I tried to cook something and I didn't like it. I tried to make microwave brownies for my family, but that didn't work out (note: the recipe was pretty good, but insanely rich. It didn't work out for other reasons). I'm in the midst of trying to make another bag, similar to the one I made yesterday, but it's not working out, either. The fabric I picked out is too flimsy.

I want to feel cute and confident and like my life is full of fun times and great friends, but the truth is, it isn't. I am an exceptionally boring person. If I'm creative, it's because I want something and can't afford to buy it. And nearly all of my friends are ten hours away from me. I think where I am now is not a place where I can have roots. Nothing seems to pan out.

It's strange, but that thought is kind of encouraging. If I don't fit here, that means there's something else for me. For now I'll continue working and improving the creative skills I do have.

Anyway, I'm sure y'all don't read my blog to hear me be sad, but I just wanted to vent some. Thanks!


21 September 2011

Feeling Crafty

Today I finally figured out my sewing machine. All that was wrong was I didn't know how to thread it correctly, so it was easy once I found something to show me how to thread it properly. I decided my first project should be a bag, mostly because I wanted one. I used this pattern. I'm a new to sewing, but this bag is definitely manageable. The worst part, in my opinion, was cutting all of the fabric. I hate small details.

Anyway. The pockets of the bag didn't seem as tall when I made it as they did in the picture, and instead of sewing the strap on the outside, I sewed it between the two layers of the bag. Here are some photos, though they aren't very good.

Inside pocket

Corner detail


Good Times Mix 2

Way back when, I shared a playlist that I made for a CD Swap hosted by Where The Lovely Things Are. Today I'm finally going to share the playlist I received. The only song that's missing is Caravan by Van Morrison because it wasn't on Grooveshark.

Peace out,

Artist Spotlight: The Vespers

Sunday night I went to Messiah College to see The Vespers perform.

My first experience with The Vespers was a year or so ago when my friend sent me a message on Facebook telling me to listen to them. I downloaded their album for free, listened to about a minute of it, and decided I didn't really like it. Mostly, I think, I just wasn't in the mood for their style at the time.
However, my friend is very persistent, and she always talked about how much she loved them, how she'd met them and thought they were fantastic, et cetera. She convinced me to listen to their song Dear Sir, which, after actually giving it a chance, I decided I loved.
I still never listened to the rest of their music.

But then she told me they were going to be in concert - for free - so I decided to go. I figured it was free, live music is almost always entertaining, and it'd be cool to meet them.
Let me tell you, their concert was one of the most exciting performances I've seen.

Their first album is fairly calm and relaxing - my favorite style of music - but their concert was far from mundane. There were banjos, guitars, drums, mandolins, ukuleles, and an upright bass. The girls provide beautiful harmonies while every one of the members radiates with passion for their music that you can't help but absorb.

The Vespers are a folk/indie group hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. Their style is similar to that of Mumford & Sons and The Civil Wars (who they've toured with! Insert large quantities of jealousy here). Not exactly alike, mind you, but there are similar vibes. They bring to the table a very folksy sound and very impressive music skills. Every member plays multiple instruments. They also have impeccable taste and the best southern twang (when speaking) you could ask for - charming without being overwhelming or annoying. I was definitley a fan, especially since I'm slightly homesick for Tennessee. I got to meet them after the show and they are definitely a pretty swell group.

Check out their website, Myspace, Facebook page, and new video on Youtube, and download their album for free! Or pay for it to support the band and their next album...that's always a nice thing to do. 

All photographs stolen from their Facebook page. 


20 September 2011

Today I:

  • remembered that I really like this song:  
  • watched You've Got Mail. Again.
  • made this for dinner. It was definitely fantastic.
  • listened to my Broadway station on Pandora and belted it out with Elphaba, the cast of Rent, Elton John, Simba, and several others. 
  • Made these crochet slippers. They're meant to be Mary-Jane style, but I decided not to do that just yet. 
  • I also remembered to show these funny pictures to you. I laughed at them a lot when I found them. The ones on the right are my favorites.
                       (this one reminds me of a guy from my college orientation group...) 

Peace out! 

19 September 2011

This just makes me happy on so many levels.

Peace out,

On My Mind

Here are just a few things going through my head lately. 

1. It totally feels like winter to me. Not Autum, winter. It feels like Thanksgiving time - when scarves and sweaters cloud your vision, you start eating warm, wintery foods, Christmas music is just around the corner, and you drink a plethora of ciders, teas, and coco.
2. I'm eating Ramen with Ritz crackers. I keep accidentally blowing on my crackers to cool them down instead of my soup. 
3. Last night I saw The Vespers in concert. It was pretty grand, but I'll write more about that later. 
4. NCIS starts tomorrow!! And Criminal Minds starts on Wednesday! I guess I'll have to spend tonight catching up on any missed episodes. What shows are you guys excited about? 
5. I love Autumn. It's my favorite season, and it officially starts on Wednesday (the same day that Criminal Minds starts up again)! I love the crisp air, beautiful colors, and spices. Autumn to me seems like the season of spices. 
6. Speaking of Autumn, does anyone know any good Autumn music? Cause, um...if you do...sock it to me. 
7. Today is a very lazy day. I'm not really a big fan of it - I feel like I should get off my butt and do something creative, but...nothing is really coming to mind. Hmm.
8. I really like new things. I want some.

Mmm. I want to go to there. Source.

Keep on truckin'! 
- Scout 

18 September 2011

Friday Love

Yet another belated Friday Love. I got back from work Friday afternoon and had already decided I wasn't going to do anything. I would have worked on it yesterday, but my computer kept dying. Anyway, here goes.

Pioneer Woman. Her show is kind of corny, but I just think everything about her is adorable and wonderful. I would love to have her life. ...minus the farm work.
Source - the article is pretty good.

A cool website called Letterheady, where I found this:
I also liked the Peter Pan stationary.

The Marx Bros. There's one clip that briefly shows all the brothers' characters, but I can't find it anywhere. They all go into a guy's office one after the other to do an interview, and every one of them does a Chevalier impression. It's completely chaotic and hilarious because they all end up talking at once.

Parenthood. I still have to watch most of season 2 before starting this season.

Bing Crosby Christmas music - especially on vinyl. I'm fairly certain I stayed up an extra two hours last night listening to it over and over again.

This shirt found here. I really I want to make one.


13 September 2011

Gravy. I've never been so tired in my life.
I'm working in the kitchen at a camp and it's practically nonstop. Anyway, I just wanted to warn you guys that Friday Love will almost definitely be late, if it happens at all, and that depends on whether I go home Friday or Sunday.
So. That's all.


11 September 2011

Flash Mob

I think this is really cool. I so wish I could have been there.


10 September 2011

God Only Knows...

I love The Beach Boys. I just think they are rad. So I'm sharing them with you! They definitely make for the best summer music.


09 September 2011

Friday Love

Sixties themed! I just love the 1960s. I love the colors and styles and the feel of the photographs and art. What I didn't know, however, was how many cool things started in the sixties. So many television shows and movies and books started in the 60s! Plus there's the amazing music.

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Get Smart


Lost In Space

Best game show ever.

Sesame Street

The Carol Burnett Show. 
Note: There is a swear word at the end.




Let me tell you, it was difficult not to fill this with pictures of Bob Dylan and the Beatles, but I refrained for your sake. 
You owe me. 

Beach Boys 

The Archies

Joan Baez

Simon & Garfunkel


Books - do you have any idea how many amazing books were written in the 60s? Here's a taste: 

Lastly, some photographs from the 60s that I just think are lovely. 
 Note: I can't remember where I found the George picture! If you know the source, please tell me! 

As if this photograph weren't amazing enough, is that guy holding a fox?