08 September 2011

Okie dokie. 

First, it is my grandmother's birthday today! She's the cutest. I am lucky enough to be like her. We have similar tastes and humors. We also read some of the same books. Most recently we read an old book I discovered on my shelf a couple weeks ago. It's called Mystery House and it's pretty spectacular. It was gripping, but not as gripping as Harry Potter. It was as gripping as fiction can be without being related to Harry Potter. My copy is just a plain hardback with the title in "spooky" font. It didn't have the cheesy description on it. 

Second, I'm thinking of teaching! Last weekend, my aunt suggested that I look into teaching for homeschool groups. I'm going to spend a couple weeks researching art and writing and coming up with a class plan to see if I think I could do it. What do you think? Any tips? 

Third, today I finished reading Chronicles: Volume One by Bob Dylan. I thought it was great. Every description is beautiful - even the mundane things. His words come alive - I felt everything he felt in the book. If he wrote about a musician he loved, I fell in love with the musician. If he said he was frustrated at how something was working or not working out, I would be just as frustrated. And the man has the most ridiculous memory! He talked about a bajillion musicians - ones he'd met and ones he'd only listened to - and he knew so much about every one! It was incredible. 
Here's a fun trivia fact from the book. Have you heard of Woody Guthrie? You know, the famous legendary folk singer? He was sick and in a hospital for a while and Bob Dylan would visit him there - they became friends. One time Woody told Dylan that he had some songs at his house that he'd written but never used. He told Dylan that if he wanted them, he could go to Woody's house and get them. Dylan went to his house, but when he got there, there was only a babysitter there with Arlo, so Dylan left and didn't get the songs. Years later, the songs are now being sung by the band Wilco
Anyway, I thought it was a pretty stellar book, but if you don't like Dylan or music, you probably don't want to read it. Most of it is talking about his experiences with music and musicians - artists he met, listened to, liked, disliked, and the ones that changed him the most. 

Finally, my favorite shows start this month! NCIS starts on the 20th - the same night that New Girl comes out - and Criminal Minds starts on teh 21st. I'm also pretty sure I want to watch Once Upon a Time. What shows do you watch? 

Well, I reckon' that's all for now. 


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earlynovemberlove said...

So, I'm reading To Kill A Mockingbird and the little girl goes by Scout...any relation? ;)