19 November 2012

18 November 2012


Last weekend (breakfast, Dunkin Donuts, Arrested Development). New camera strap (from this Etsy shop). Les Miserables (halfway there, baby! Woohoo!).


15 November 2012

Ideal Bookshelf

I absolutely love Jane Mount's Ideal Bookshelf series. This particular one is James Franco's (found here). Someday I'm going to have one of my own. These are the books I'd put on it so far:

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Peter Pan
Harry Potter
Howl's Moving Castle
The Poetry of Robert Frost
A Beatles book (just about any will do)
The Journals of Sylvia Plath
Pride and Prejudice
Life of Pi
Les Miserables
The Outsiders
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Winnie the Pooh
Agatha Christie (again, any will do)
Farenheit 451
A book of Norman Rockwell paintings

Other potentials include: Secret Garden, A Little Princess, Dracula, The Man Who Was Thursday, My Life in France, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. These books all meant something to me at some point or other, but I'm not sure if they'd still be on the list.

What books would be on your ideal bookshelf?


14 November 2012

Engagement Shoot

This past weekend I went to Virginia Beach to take my friends' engagement photos. It was so much fun! We ate doughnuts and wandered around, laughing and taking photos. I met Justin and Meghan in college and love them both so much. They are so hilarious and an incredibly photogenic couple. I couldn't have asked for a better photo session - we had so much fun, and it was nice to have their permission to get up in their grill and take all the pictures I would have wanted to take anyway :)


11 November 2012


Reading. Sewing. Used book stores. Weird Starbucks coffee cups. Voting. Virginia Beach. Friends. Photography. Crazy dogs. The Royal Tannenbaums. Tea, doughnuts, coffee. Shopping malls. Arrested Development..


06 November 2012

I Voted

Today: Massage. Sewing. Les Miserables. Editing photos. Law & Order reruns. Moonrise Kingdom (woot!). Voting!


Snapshots: October

I was definitely slacking in the blogging department last month. Oh well. Here are some pictures to catch you up!

Blurry rides to work (sadly, those colors are no longer there - Sandy blew them away). All that jazz. Books, books, books (Life of Pi is also on that list). Autumn colors. Pumpkin Spice. Game nights.


05 November 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I've lived on the east coast my whole life and I've never been through a hurricane. I mean, I was around during hurricanes, but we only ever got rain. Thankfully, things weren't bad for my family this year, either, but we did get a small (small, small) glimpse of what a hurricane is like. We lost power for about 8 hours and had tons of wind which knocked down several of our huge pine trees and our neighbors roof! I took refuge in the living room because a) my room is the loudest when it's windy (one time it was so windy that I was expecting to see Oz when I opened my bedroom door) and b) there's a huge tree in our front yard that is definitely going to destroy my room when it falls. I didn't want to take any risks.

Wind. Activities during the storm. Candles. Knitting. Camping out in the living room. Life of Pi. Watching the storm. Reading by lamp. The aftermath.
Did you guys make it through the storm?