30 June 2011

Put Another Nickel In...

Music for you! This is what I've been listening to almost all week. And don't forget to check back later for Friday Love!


28 June 2011

A Song

Life for me lately has been busy and uninspiring, hence the lack of posts. I'm working on getting some Artist Spotlight posts lined up and miscellaneous other things I want to share. In the meantime, I wanted to share this song with you because it's been in my head for a while. I hope you enjoy! I might come back with a full playlist later...you know how much I love those!


25 June 2011

Remember that one time when I said I try not to blog about boring details of my life? Well...Here are more boring details for you :)

I did not do Friday Love yesterday because...I didn't feel like it. I was out late and then I was watching television and decided that I wanted to keep doing that. You know how when you were a kid and had a bedtime you would always beg your parents to let you stay up late watching television because it was so cool? Well, I don't have a bedtime, but I still love staying up late watching T.V. So I stayed up watching Frasier and That 70s  Show.

I was going to write the post today, though.
And today started out so well! I got up, picked out some pretty yarn colors to make flower pins, got my coffee, turned on You've Got Mail (my favorite movie ever), and started working on my blog post. I was copying and pasting the source links in a notepad so they'd be on hand for when I wrote my post, when my computer turned off. I have no idea why - it didn't overheat and there was no terrible blue screen, it just shut down. I'd probably spent an hour and a half working on my post when it shut down, and I lost all of the things I'd saved. I was very upset. So upset that I wasn't even interested in watching the rest of my movie. That does not happen. Not with You've Got Mail.
Anyway, that definitely threw off my groove and I was pretty glum for most of the day. Things got better when I went grocery shopping with my dad and sister, and things felt pretty great when I made dinner. I made up a recipe and I loved it, so the day feels much more like a success now. Yay!

All that to say...I did not do Friday Love. I might not do Friday Love. We'll see.
But thanks for reading anyway!


Good Morning, Starshine!

I don't really think this quote is especially funny, but I like this picture because it reminds me of what I look like some mornings. Not all mornings, mind you, but some mornings I definitely wake up with my eyebrows furrowed. It takes coffee, some breakfast, and about fifteen minutes to half an hour before my face returns to normal.


23 June 2011

Etsy Shop?

Yo, dudes. 
So I've been thinking for a while that I want to open an Etsy shop. If you are unfamiliar with Etsy, it is an online community of stores that sell vintage or handmade items. I like to crochet, so I'm thinking of selling some handmade items. 
 Here is a sample of some things I've made:
 Some flower pins. These are my favorite to make - I pretty much make each one up, so they're all at least slightly different. They are also quick and easy which makes me feel like I've accomplished something. They're so fun!

 This one is my favorite. It's tiny and I love the combination of teal and gold. Actually, I'm really loving gold anything lately.

 I like this one because it has a more natural feel to it. I think this one just seems comfortable. I have this image of lounging on a couch in one of those ginourmous sweaters like from the 1990s...but that might not be the best advertising.

 This one looks a little bit classier. The purple is kind of pearly and the buttons are polished looking.

Not all of them have a square flap. A lot of the ones I make are more pointed, like most envelopes. I just didn't have many pointy ones made. I like the square ones best, with two buttons, so I've been making more of those. 

What do you think? Is an Etsy shop a good idea?


Daydream Believer

This is where I want to go:

Dark Horse Institute is a recording studio with a twelve week program to teach people about working in the music industry - on the technical and business side. I want to go, but it costs $8600 plus housing, food, and commute costs, roughly $3000. Throughout the program they teach you things you need to know about working in the music industry and give you practical training. At the end of the program they help you find a job by helping you find jobs that you would be interested in, helping with your resume, and setting up interviews.
So my goal is to get the money. I'm going to save any money I earn in hopes that I can go in August, and if that doesn't work out, I'll try to go in January.
I want this more than almost anything (although the other things that high on the list are basically impossible so I'm not sure if they'd count). I want it to happen. Stop telling me how impossible it is. Stop tying me down. Don't tell me I can't.
I will.

- Scout

22 June 2011


This just in: My favorite band in the whole world - Deas Vail - has a NEW MUSIC VIDEO!!! And they are releasing a NEW ALBUM!!! on September 6th. How many days is that, you ask? Seventy-six. (I just spelled "six" backwards...then I fixed it).

Here's there video. Enjoy!

Check out their: Website, Facebook, Myspace
or my review.


A Random Poll

But not the kind you might accidentally walk in to. Haha...

Sometimes I get in these really weird moods where I feel like it is absolutely crucial that I blog about EVERYTHING. I have this weird need to tell you that one time when I was little I did this, or when I was with my extended family this happened and it was so funny! (except probably not so much if you don't know them), or how one time I accidentally did this and I felt really dumb, or maybe I should just tell you every little detail about my day and every thought that went along with it. You know, like how most people use Facebook statuses or Twitter. Usually I restrain myself because I think that a blog like that would be very boring for everyone but me.

But not today! Today I'm going to talk about my breakfast.

This morning I ate Lucky Charms for breakfast. I realized that, lamely, I have kind of made a ritual out of my Lucky Charms eating habits. First, I eat the crunchy pieces, that way I can have all the marshmallows at once at  the end. (I think I ate my Lucky Charms like a normal person once.  It was really weird and I haven't done it since.)
When I get to the marshmallows, I usually eat those in order, too. First I eat the broken pieces and the rainbows and horseshoes (those are usually broken anyway). Then I eat the marshmallows by kind - the hearts together, the red balloons together, the pots of gold together, et cetera. I generally save the pots of gold for last because there are more of those than the other kinds and they are the biggest.

It doesn't bother me as much to eat the marshmallows out of order, but I have to save the marshmallows for last.

Now for the poll question: Do you guys have any weird eating habits, like saving the marshmallows for last in your Lucky Charms? I know I'm not the only one that does this!


18 June 2011

Friday Love

This beautiful room. See more beautiful rooms here.

Movies! These are the few I've enjoyed these past couple of days. 
In other news, her hair in this scene reminds me of Thumbellina at the Beetle Ball. Have you guys seen that movie? I love it.

I watched this one for the first time the other night. So good! It was really late so I wasn't sure I'd be able to finish it because I figured I'd get tired, but I was into it the whole time. So good.

And another that I haven't watched in a while. 
"What hump?"

Cute heart garland. It's so easy! There is a good chance I will be doing this sometime soon. 

This is probably the coolest locket I have ever seen.
[Source via here]


14 June 2011

A Gift

I made a playlist for you!
Why? Because I love you!
The Paul Simon one is definitely a favorite. 
I actually like that version better than the Beatles'.  Don't tell! 


Inspiration: Definition, Please?

I've been thinking about inspiration. 
What is it? 
What has inspired me? 
Is inspiration something  that changed me, like a book that changed my thinking? Is inspiration something that means a lot to me, at least for a little while, like a song that I listened to over and over again for the month that it really resonated with me? Is inspriation something that makes me think about why I do the things I do or think the way I think, like a really hard-hitting quote? Is inspiration something that I see or hear and try to copy or incorporate into my life, like a style trend set by someone I admire that I begin to use?

Anyway, this is something I will be considering for a while. I'm going to start doing some posts on things that I think inspired me - probably things that really affected my life or things that mean a lot to me now or that I am currently trying to adopt as my own.

What do you think inspiration is?


10 June 2011

Friday Love

I want to make this chair. 

Perfect. Absolutely perfect. 

This makes me chuckle.

I'm not sure I would wear this dress if I had it, but I do like the idea a lot. 

I was never really a jewelry person (at least I don't think I was), but this past year I randomly started loving jewelry - especially rings. This is weird, considering I never used to like having things on my fingers or wearing rings when I was going to get my hands wet (so no washing hands, which means no going to the bathroom, which...isn't happening. So no rings!).  But suddenly I love rings, hence the following photograph.

I love this bird! I feel like he should be the main character in a story. I think it would be "Ernie the Awkward Bird". He would be nerdy, stand too close to people, say "HI!" too quickly and enthusiastically, and maybe talk like he had a retainer. I don't really know what he would do, but...I like him. He'd probably stare at people awkwardly, too. I mean, look at those eyes! 
I just love it!


08 June 2011

My Kind of Kid

I thought about saving this for Friday Love, but then I decided it was awesome enough to warrant its own post.

Also, she has them labeled wrong. Three cool points if you know who's who!


05 June 2011

Beachy Keen

Yeah, I know the title was cheesy. I'm just not any good at titles. You'll have to get over it. 

As I mentioned before, I went to the beach last week! We were in Duck, NC. It was absolutely gorgeous! We stayed in this huge house right on the private beach - no board walk and no huge crowds of sticky strangers. We biked, sunbathed, ate, thrifted, ate, swam in the beach AND the pool, ate, saw dolphins, took pictures, ate, read Winnie the Pooh out loud, quoted Finding Nemo at every possible opportunity, and ate. It was a fantastic week. The impressive part is that I actually got in the water! I'm slightly terrified of water creatures, especially when I think of being anywhere near them (like being in the same ocean - I know it's big, but I still get creeped out). It probably helped that the sand wasn't crawling with those little mussel things and sand fleas.

Here are some of the pictures I took of the week. 


03 June 2011

Friday Love

1. THE BEACH! Today marked the end of the best vacation ever. So sad.

2. Reading Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne. I read some out loud to my cousins this week. I'm not sure how they felt about it, but I loved it! I want to keep reading it out loud. They are such fun stories! And they are a lot wittier than you'd think.

3. This music that I discovered back in the days that I was obsessed with Twilight. I hate the fad-ness of it, but I found some really fantastic music from that phase - Eisley, Blue October, Muse...

That's all for today. I'm super sleepy and my mind is mostly on the beach.