29 May 2011

Dream Lover

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28 May 2011

Friday Love

Sorry I'm late, y'all. My internet has been down for three or four days now. I'm using someone else's internet now. Here's some weekend love!

1. Wizards of Waverly Place.
Yes. I know. But I still love it.

2. This comic from here.

3. Pretty flowers from here.

4. Going to the beach for the first time in forever! (Except that one time in California a couple months ago...)

5. This [short] video.

6. I. Love. This. Man.
I watched this DVD last night of his performances at Newport Folk Festival for '63, '64, and '65. It was awesome and it's still on my mind. So now you get to hear me gush about Bob Dylan again :) 


25 May 2011

Blog B.O.L.O.: Food Coma

Meet Emma, of Food Coma.

Emma (sister of Elsie), is a business owner, a cupcake maker, a reader, and an unofficial chef (cook? Is there a difference?). She writes daily about new recipes she has made, found, tried, or edited. She is a vegetarian, but frequently provides vegan friendly meals. Though I am neither of those (give up steak? No thanks. Give up ice cream? Never.), I love her recipes. They all look amazing and are relatively healthy (maybe not the desserts). I am super excited to try her oatmeal and berry muffins.
On her site, she also writes book reviews from her recent literary finds and has the occasional fashion post. She dyed her hair blue recently, which I think is awesome, having had pink hair before. Her daring new hair venture might even inspire me to go pink again...But that's another post. 

Be sure to check out her blog if you're looking for some tasty treats or just a cute blog with funny jokes :)


Zooey Deschanel? Yes, Please.

Normally I'm somewhat picky about the television shows that I let myself become addicted to. Strike that. I'm picky when I hear about new shows - I generally decide not to watch them because I don't want to be a T.V. junkie. I'm much more open to my accidental discoveries, like Gilmore Girls and That 70s Show (Can you believe I'd never heard of them before I found them channel surfing!).

Anywho, all that to say, this show sounds awesome! If I remember, I'm totally going to try it out. It looks absolutely hysterical and who doesn't love Zooey Deschanel?


23 May 2011

A Record Record Record

My daddy set up our record player!! I'm totally stoked. The first song I listened to was the live version of Stairway to Heaven (actually, it was something by Pink Floyd - my dad played that while I was in the other room cleaning up from dinner prep). Next: The BEATLES!! Of course. My heart stopped beating for a second when I heard the crackling before the music started. It was incredible.


20 May 2011

Friday Love

Some pretty pictures and prints that I've been hording all week. 

A beautiful window garden - maybe a tad crowded, but still lovely.

Yes, please. 

I absolutely LOVE this. I love the colors and the texture of the canvas.

Lovely prints by JoannaGoss via here.

Lovely photos by J. Caron.

If I had a bike, I would definitely want it to look like this.

Also, check out this absolutely incredible marriage proposal! I love wedding anything, and this is the best I've heard of yet. 


17 May 2011

Artist Spotlight: OK Go.

The video that started it all:

OK Go is a band of four guys from Chicago. Their music has a lighter, pop sound with a hint of rock and awesome thrown in. The band was formed in 1998 but they didn't catch everyone's attention until 2005 when they released their music video for A Million Ways, choreographed by lead singer Damian's sister. Since then they have become known for their ingenious music videos. The music video for Here It Goes Again - the one on treadmills - won an award on Youtube for most creative and a Grammy!Their videos are generally low budget, but the band continues to wow audiences with them and win awards for them. They currently have released 3 albums.

A favorite song:

And my new favorite video:

Though they are generally known for their music videos, OK Go has also made other videos for Youtube audiences. 

Check out their website and Myspace page.

Information from here and here.


13 May 2011

Blog B.O.L.O.: Today's Letters

Introducing my new absolute favorite blog: Today's Letters

I spent nearly all day yesterday reading my new absolute favorite blog: Today’s Letters. (Note: It’s still the first week of summer break and I also made bread, made dinner, and did other menial tasks. I am totally allowed to spend all day reading a blog). The idea behind the blog is neatly summed up in the subtitle: There are many things that can change a life…a letter is one of them. 

Emily and Tim Loerke are an insanely fantastic couple from Texas. Their blog (mostly Em’s) consists chiefly  of letters to people, but also has room for fist pump photos, great music, and posts about the super outdoorsy stuff Tim and Em do together. There are several guest posts, but most of the letter writing is done by Em. Every day she writes a letter to Mr. Loerke, letters to miscellaneous other people and things, and finishes off with another letter to her favorite boy roommate. Tim also writes letters to Em, though his are less frequent because he is a doctor of sorts and has lots of rotations to do and lives to save and whatnot. My favorite part: they both start and end their letter writing with a letter to each other.
Are they not the cutest couple ever?!

 Tim and Em met while working at a summer camp and dutifully started writing each other letters. They got married three years later and ended up going through some hard times. Rather than calling it quits (major fist pumps!) they went to Celebrate Recovery to work things out. As part of their process of relearning love and one another, they started writing letters again. These letters help them show appreciate and remember the little things they love about each other. 

I have absolutely loved reading their story and it has inspired me a) to be super super excited to be married, b) dance across the hardwoods, c) write letters to my future husband about things that I’m excited for, and d) all of the above. Y’all should definitely check out their site and be inspired to share your love for others. I dare you to write a letter to someone. I double dog – I triple dog dare you!

And saving the best for last:

Read their story here


Friday Love

1. Spending the day drinking coffee, listening to beautiful music, and watching Criminal Minds. Heck yes.

2. This lovely illustration.

3. Illustrations by Bernie Fuchs. What stories do you think they tell?

4. These awesome rooms. 

5. This photograph. As if I didn't already want to spend all day in bed. 
(actually, I don't...but this photo makes me want to!)

6. Lovely music by Agnes Obel


P.S. I lied about changing Friday Love. Now that I'm actually writing it, changing it to something else just doesn't quite work like I thought it would. 
P.P.S. Fun fact: I wasn't going to put the picture of the bed in here but I have a strong aversion to the number five so I had to add something else to avoid ending on it.

Artist Spotlight: Deas Vail

It’s time to introduce you to my favorite band ever: Deas Vail (pronounced DAY-us vale). I feel like nothing I could say about them would measure up to their amazingness. Originally my plan was to try to write a more professional music review, but…this is mostly going to be me gushing. They’re so worth it, though! I promise. What surprises me is, Deas Vail is a Christian band. I generally dislike Christian music because it never seems like anything I can relate to – it never feels very real. However, Deas Vail has a depth to them that I truly appreciate.
Coffee? Win. 

Deas Vail is a band of five that hails from Arkansas. Members include: Wes Blaylock, lead vocals; Laura Blaylock, background vocals/harmonies; Andy Moore, lead guitar; Justin Froning, bass guitar; Kelsey Harelson, the ridiculously awesome percussionist. I’m not good at deciphering genres, but if I had to peg them, I’d say Deas Vail has sort of a piano/ambient rock sound and freaking stellar vocals. Lead singer, Wes, is a tenor with an incredible falsetto. His wife, Laura, provides beautiful harmonies. Their lyrics deal with questions and struggles, concerning the hurts of growing up (and longing for days past), remembering that we are loved, doubt, and being “lost in life”. 
Laura and Wes Blaylock, lead vocalists

What I love most about Deas Vail’s lyrics is that they are real. They communicate a dissatisfaction with the way things are, a yearning for something more, a struggle with doubt, and remembering all that God has done for us, but do not fail to convey hope. Their music inspires excitement and passion for the possibilities we have despite our daily struggles and hurts. 
(Andy, guitarist - his wife's name is Christy. Fun fact? My brother's name is Andy and his wife's name is Christi.)

The band puts together an incredible concert – you can feel their love for the music. They are also some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Remember when I said they were my favorite band? Well, here’s a taste of how geeky I am for them: I went to one of their concerts (Copeland’s farewell tour) last year and, during one of the other band’s performance, went outside with some friends for some fresh air. My friends and I were sitting on a bench outside of the Square Room discussing how much I love Deas Vail when three of them walked out of the pizza place in front of us. Heck to the Yeah! Being the incredible nerd that I am, I stopped them to gush hearts and rainbows all over them and pretend like I was normal by asking any question I could think of. They were super friendly and didn’t give me any strange looks (what more could you ask for?). They are super willing to talk to people, and super humble about their fans. I am very impressed by how down to earth they are and how incredibly open they are to others.  
 Matt Hoopes (of Relient K) approved!

Check out their Myspace page

Here's a taste of their music - a few of my favorites.