31 August 2012

21st Birthday

For my 21st birthday my family went to Harper's Ferry in West Virginia. It was very pretty - though a little rainy. I don't remember the name of the restaurant we ate in, but the food was amazing! I split a turkey and brie wrap with my mom and ate a strawberry spinach salad. Can't go wrong there! I also got a super adorable elephant necklace from a little girl at my church. Good times.

We had the whole tour bus to ourselves.

There was the most adorable Confectionary! I was drooling over the cakes in the window and excited to buy a birthday cake from the shop...when we realized it was fake. The stupid store was just a decoration. Talk about disappointing.

What's the best birthday party y'all have ever had?


30 August 2012

Birthday Cards

I got an exciting package in the mail today. Have I ever mentioned that I love getting mail? Anyway, my friends from school got together to send me some homemade cards and a cute cardigan! I didn't take pictures of the cardigan, though, because I figured eventually I'd get pictures of me wearing it.


28 August 2012

Street Festival Photos

The local town has a Corn Festival every year - it's not as lame as it sounds. I went on Saturday, and I was able to get a few good photos - well, a bunch, actually. Prepare yourselves. 

"As always, we offer these tips in honor of blossom star, Mayim Bialik."

I was taking pictures of strangers and she caught me!


26 August 2012


Reading. Wishing I could watch Batman again. Getting a tattoo. Dreaming of life in France (thanks, Julia Child). New camera lens! Studying everything photography. Birthday.


My Birthday

It's my birthday, y'all! Happy birthday to me!


25 August 2012

Guilty Pleasure Music

Here is some music that I know all of you love. You're just too scared to admit it. Don't worry - you're in good company. We all have music that we feel guilty about liking.

Actually, I'm not sure I feel guilty about liking The Jonas Brothers.


24 August 2012

New Camera Lens

I've been trying to study anything and everything I can find about photography - everything short of taking a class, that is - to help prepare myself for some upcoming projects. One of the things I really wanted to figure out was how to take better photos in low light. I decided to take the plunge and buy a new lens - one with a wider aperture range than my other lens.
Oh man, you guys. Best decision ever. 

I'm definitely on the poor side of the spectrum, so I was worried about spending unnecessary money, even though I knew it would be a good deal and a good investment in my future. I went to my local camera store to try it out. Here's why I decided to buy it - and what made me forget about any money it might cost.

This is with my old lens (18-55mm, f/5.6-22). I think I had it set on ISO 400, f-5.6, with a shutter speed of 60.

This is with the new lens (50mm f/1.8) - same settings.

BAM! I might have changed the aperture for the second picture, but...I can't remember, and even if I did, it's still way better quality than I could have gotten with my first lens.
I had to try really hard not to run and jump out of the store :)

Anyway, you guys can expect a lot more pictures from me for the next couple of weeks. I'm so excited!


22 August 2012

Artist Spotlight: Monsters of Folk

I first discovered Monsters of Folk through the television show, Parenthood. That show has such an amazing soundtrack, so I'm constantly looking up songs from it. Anyway, I heard Monsters of Folk and immediately loved them - and later found out that one of the talented quartet is none other than M. Ward! It also turns out that the three other guys are also in other bands - namely Bright Eyes and My Morning Jacket.

M. Ward, Jim James, Conor Oberst, and Mike Mogis started their folk/indie band in 2004 after touring together. They realized they worked well together and, as time permitted, released an album in 2009.

Check out their website and Myspace.