25 August 2012

Guilty Pleasure Music

Here is some music that I know all of you love. You're just too scared to admit it. Don't worry - you're in good company. We all have music that we feel guilty about liking.

Actually, I'm not sure I feel guilty about liking The Jonas Brothers.



Erica said...

Ha ha! I've been on an 80s music kick lately. I just posted the "Hey Mickey" song on my blog... Somebody stop me... lol!

Meli said...

I loooove the Jonas Brothers. No shame.

Kelly said...

Ahhhh, I love Clay Aiken!!!

Whenever Colton's not home, I'll turn on the 90's station on :)

It's Gonna Be Me is one of my favorite NSync songs ever.

Also, my sister wrote a 70 page NSync fanfic when she was in highschool. Love it!

Scout said...

Erica - 80s is your guilty pleasure music?! I love 80s music! And I had a high school friend that would always sing a "Hey Mickey" parody to me, because my name fit in the song nicely. To this day, it's I still inadvertently sing it with my name :P

Mel - Amen.

Kelly - I was hoping you would comment! I kept thinking about your cover of Baby :)
I agree about It's Gonna Be Me being the best NSync song, but...writing a 70 page fanfic?! Oh my gosh! I can't even imagine writing that much on something I unashamedly love!

Julia said...

Huh, so apparently the world has been celebrating 90s music recently. At work on Friday, one of my co-workers (who's also an assistant manager) and I were singing "Bye, Bye, Bye" before we realized we didn't know enough words and moved on to "Everybody" by BSB. Then, it was really slow yesterday morning around 6:40, so we watched the "Everybody" music video to boot. It was fantastic! "It's Gonna Be Me" is good, but I don't know if it can compete with some songs from the original album, like "Tearin' Up My Heart." Although, that could be due to the fact that - and I promise this is not a lie - the tape player in my mom's truck was broken when I was little. And, for at least a year, the only tape it would play was N'Sync. The. Only. Tape. And since my sisters and I could never agree on a radio station, we listened to a lot of J.T. and the gang :)

Scout said...

Julia - that's so funny! I actually have only ever listened to their No Strings Attached album, so I don't know any other songs...basically, all of the non christian music I listened to from the 90s/early 2000s is what I put in the playlist.

Julia said...

Ha - that's fantastic! Who doesn't love boy bands? But, seriously, you need to listen to their original c.d. It's worth it for the 90s goodness :)

Kelly said...

For the record, I agree that you should listen to their first cd! It's what made them a sensation, after all. I Want You Back is a classic, not to be confused with the Jackson 5 song :)

Scout said...

Fine, guys. I will listen to 'N Sync's first album! :)