08 August 2012

Eating Crabs and Squeamishness

I can be pret-ty squeamish. For example, I cannot eat shrimp when the legs are attached. I mean, of course no one eats the legs, but I can't bring myself to pull them off. It completely freaks me out, so if I have to pull the legs off, I won't eat any shrimp - even though I love it. I will eat it if I can get someone to pull the legs off for me, but that's kind of high maintenance, so I try to avoid that.

Anyway. I get really squeamish sometimes, but eating crabs has never bothered me. Which is great, because every summer, for as long as I can remember, my grandparents have gotten crabs. Even though we actually eat them fairly often, it always feels like a treat. I love crabs, and it's great time with my grandparents.

What are y'all's favorite summer traditions/memories?



Sally said...

I totally had to deal with this for the first time two summers ago! It made me really squeamish to see the crabs' intestines and such...but I was pretty proud of myself for trying them anyway.

Scout said...

Go you! I could never face my fear of pulling of shrimp legs, so I'm impressed :)