28 August 2012

Street Festival Photos

The local town has a Corn Festival every year - it's not as lame as it sounds. I went on Saturday, and I was able to get a few good photos - well, a bunch, actually. Prepare yourselves. 

"As always, we offer these tips in honor of blossom star, Mayim Bialik."

I was taking pictures of strangers and she caught me!



Meli said...

I love the one of the hand-holding. Too cute!

walking dot photography said...

Street festivals are the best! A neighboring town to the one I grew up in has an annual woolie-woolie festival in honor of the so-named caterpillars. :) its awesome.
xox, giedre

Scout said...

Meli - me too! It's a strangers picture :)

Walking Dot - They are the best for people watching! This particular festival was a corn festival (did I already say that?)

Lindsay said...

Please keep doing this. You are good at it.

Kristin T said...

Nice pictures. Love the crochet blankets. LOVE that Free Bates shirt. Want.

Scout said...

Lindsay - Thanks! I really really want to keep doing this. Do you know anyone that might want to help me set up a photography website? I have ideas, I just have no idea how to pull them off :P In the meantime, I'll keep blogging.

Kristin - I thought you'd like that shirt! If they'd had a v-neck, I would have considered buying one.
Also, those blankets are knitted. Can you imagine? She said the purple/blue one was king size. Knitting a king size blanket?!! I could never do that.

Kelly said...

Beautiful! I LOVE street photography. I like the one of you getting caught - here's a street photography flickr account I think might inspire you!

Scout said...

Thanks! I had several pictures of that one lady - I kept adjusting things to get it to look just right, and that's when she caught me. I couldn't have asked for a better picture!
And I'll check out the flickr account right now :)

thisisjustjessica said...

haha! Love that one of the woman staring at you! I love taking stranger pictures! So fun. :)

Btw Scout, I sent you an Email back...may have been lost in your spam again?

xo Jess.

Amy Harrison said...

Wow :) Love these pictures :) They're really nice :D
Amy x

Scout said...

Thanks, guys!

Jess - I'm pretty sure I got it, I just forgot to reply :P

Blytheponytailparades said...

These shots are beautiful :)

Jemarie said...

Your photography skills have gotten so good, you make me feel lame (it's a personal problem). I need to catch up to you.
The End. <3

Scout said...

Thanks, Blythe!
Jess - I'll FB message you :)

Courtney Snook said...

Haha the cow seeds made me giggle!
I love your photo of the herbs/tea as well, they're so sweetly presented.
We have a Jacaranda festival in my town, and it's more lame than it sounds lol