01 August 2012

An Evening at Home

Really, most of my evenings are spent at home. And a decent number of my evenings are spent similar to this - tonight it was watching Gilmore Girls, drinking coffee, eating a toaster strudel, sewing, and bookbinding. I like my life.



Young Georgia Love said...

Looks perfect and quaint! Gilmore Girls is always a win. There is not one situation in life where Gilmore Girls is not the answer. Can't think of one.

Scout said...

You are very right. It's like the female Godfather...only different. (If you've memorized You've Got Mail like I have, that comment will make so much more sense).

Sally said...

Sounds lovely! I can't remember the last time I had a Toaster Strudel! :)

Scout said...

We don't usually have them, but my dad happened to buy them, so I've been eating them :)

Courtney Snook said...

That mug is awesome!!!
Toaster strudel reminds me of Mean Girls, haha. "I don't think my dad, the inventor of toaster strudel, will be happy to hear about this" haha.
It sounds like you have nice evenings :) I feel like I should do more making of a night! I usually sit in bed with my laptop and watch documentaries/tv shows or just do uni work!

Scout said...

I love the idea of, at the end of the day, watching a movie in my bed, but I never actually do it. By the time I get around to it, I decide just to sleep instead.
What documentaries do you watch?