31 January 2011

Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson

I started making a 60s playlist, but some 70s got thrown in there, as well. I'm kind of in love with this music lately. I hope you like it, too :)

- Scout

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30 January 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things

Did I get the song stuck in your head? 'Cause it's stuck in mine :P

1. You've Got Mail: For a while I went through this stage where I didn't want to admit that this was my favorite movie - I wanted something that made me sound cultured. But, honestly, it's my favorite movie ever. I watch it all the time, I can recite almost the whole movie (not on queue, just when I'm watching it), and it makes me happy every time I watch it.
*This* clip is my absolute favorite (though you shouldn't watch it if you haven't seen the movie yet).

[from Google Images]

2. Sweet Child O Mine by Guns N Roses: I love everything about this song. It's super sweet and adorable. The music is rocking and beautiful. It's catchy. It's complex. It's just wonderful.

3. The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton: I loved this book from the first sentence. It starts out with a lovely poetic description and moves into a fast paced story of anarchy and intrigue. As soon as I finished it for the first time I had to re-read it.
[From Google Images]

4. Eating. 'Nough said.

What are some of your favorite things?

- Scout

29 January 2011

Owl Ideas?

I have this 70s fabric that I love, and I decided I wanted to make an owl with it. However, I can't decide what to do with the owl. Some ideas are: making it a tiny pillow, making it a wall hanging, putting it on a pillow.


Friday Love (on a Saturday)

1. This kid. I have no clue where I found this photo (maybe here?), but I love it. I want to be this kid when I grow up.

2. Photographs of nature. The first three are some of my favoritest photographs ever.

From Will Vastine

From Poppytalk?


28 January 2011

Another Journal DIY

Yo. This is for a handmade journal. I half stole the idea from Design Sponge. I changed mine a little bit.

1. Find paper and cut to the size you want.
2. Stack the papers together - make sure the edges are straight.
3. Clip the pages together and glue one of the sides. You'll want cardboard to keep the glue from going all over the top and bottom of the paper.

1. Cut two pieces of thin cardboard to match the paper. Decorate accordingly.
2. Get a third piece of cardboard or cardstock paper to use as the binding. Glue the front and back covers to the inside of this piece of cardboard. Let dry.
3. If you want a ribbon for your notebook, glue it inside the third piece of cardboard, as well. 

1. Glue the paper to the inside of the third piece of cardboard.

2. Sew on a button clasp or elastic.

- Scout

27 January 2011

Campfire Discussions: It's Real Love

I'm not usually one to watch American Idol. However, I did watch this clip that a friend posted on Facebook:

"I was about to make vows just two months from the accident. Through thick and thin, till death do us part, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse. What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most?"

My first thought after watching this was, holy crap, I want someone to care for me like that. I can hardly imagine seeing that kind of love. Then I thought, could I care for someone that way? If I were engaged and something tragic happened to my fiance, would I stick with him? Am I even there for my friends when they need me?

It's so simple to be selfish. It's so easy to be grumpy over little things and forget that other people have problems, too. I know because I struggle with this a lot. I want so badly to be there for my friends, but I also really want to serve myself. I want to help people, but I also want to get my own way - even in silly little things, like not wanting to listen to someone because my favorite song is on the radio.

So I guess my thought for today is, am I there for people because I love them, or am trying to be Christ-like, or because of what I get out of it?

Link here

- Scout

Daily Dose of Culture - Nancy Drew

I read every original Nancy Drew book when I was younger. I loved them. I thought the stories were great because they were scary, exciting, and they taught you something - there was always a theme and you learned something cool about whatever it was.

I always wanted to be just like Nancy - she was so clever and brave. She was beautiful, had great friends, a boyfriend, and great clothes. I definitely still love her clothes - fifties fashion is pretty awesome. :) She was the perfect role model. I loved that she was strong and independent, but still remained feminine and relational. She wasn't the abrasive feminist that's popular today, but what I imagined to be a true feminist.

However, as I came to the end of the series, I realized something: Nancy was a jerk! She was so obsessive about her mysteries that she put them ahead of her loved ones.
Poor Ned Nickerson. He just wanted to take his girl out on a date. But if there was a choice between him and a mystery, Nancy would choose the mystery every time. She constantly canceled her plans with Ned so she could work on a case - she didn't even take him with her so they could pretend like it was a date! If Ned was there, it was generally because Nancy got herself kidnapped and Ned had to come save her.

Even so, I still love these books, and I think every young girl should read at least one. Nancy Drew is a good role model, but maybe not quite the image of perfection I thought she was when I was little.

- Scout 

25 January 2011

Thrifting addiction

I buy something every time I go into a thrift store. I can't help myself - there are so many interesting things! I almost always buy a mug. Thrift store items have such character :) Recent finds include an apron, fabric, ribbon, Series of Unfortunate Events books, and matching "his" and "hers" mugs, which I dutifully packed away so I wouldn't be tempted to use them on my own.

It's Raining, It's Pouring - the makings of a great day

I am spending the day with some great men, namely C.S. Lewis, Frank Capra, Jimmy Stewart, and Alfred Hitchcock.
Today will be good :)

1. Raspberry mocha coffee.
Note: When drinking French pressed coffee, keep in mind that the some of the grounds will get in your cup. I forgot that tiny detail this morning and took a big gulp of coffee grounds. It was somewhat unpleasant.

2. Books - specifically Mere Christianity and The Jungle

3. Movies and my favorite 70's esque blanket.

4. The 60s setting on Picnik. Too fun :)

- Scout