20 January 2011

Campfire Discussions: Chivalry at it's best

 Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch (my personal opinion of what a real man should be - not according to looks, but according to standards and character).

One of my college professors once mentioned that when a man asks a woman on a date, it is his duty to pick a movie and review it beforehand, not only to see if the story is any good, but to find out the movie's content. My professor told the class it was the man's job, as a leader, to be aware of what content - language, sexual, violent, etc. - he was exposing the woman to, and to guard her innocence. The man decided to ask her out, and he had better do it right! As the initiator, he is to be responsible for those in his company, for their physical safety as well as their virtue.

What happened? Where are the days when men took responsibility? In old movies and television shows,  men are careful to use respectful language around a lady - not because they think she is to frail and she cannot handle it, but because she should not have to - she deserves better.

I laugh at a lot of things, some of which I maybe shouldn't laugh at. Crude jokes can be funny - even hilarious. However, it shows a huge mark of character if a man refrains from such jokes because there is a lady present and he wants to treat her better. That is a man I would respect. 
Sometimes it can be frustrating to have someone being protective of you, because you want to take care of things yourself - to know that you are strong and capable. Other times you just want to be left alone.
But...sometimes it would be nice to know that someone cares about me enough to look out for me, even in forgotten areas like my innocence.

(Note: If a woman decides to destroy her own innocence, it is not the okay signal for a man to be a slacker. He should still do his best to not put her in a situation that could further her taint her innocence).

 - Scout 

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