28 January 2011

Another Journal DIY

Yo. This is for a handmade journal. I half stole the idea from Design Sponge. I changed mine a little bit.

1. Find paper and cut to the size you want.
2. Stack the papers together - make sure the edges are straight.
3. Clip the pages together and glue one of the sides. You'll want cardboard to keep the glue from going all over the top and bottom of the paper.

1. Cut two pieces of thin cardboard to match the paper. Decorate accordingly.
2. Get a third piece of cardboard or cardstock paper to use as the binding. Glue the front and back covers to the inside of this piece of cardboard. Let dry.
3. If you want a ribbon for your notebook, glue it inside the third piece of cardboard, as well. 

1. Glue the paper to the inside of the third piece of cardboard.

2. Sew on a button clasp or elastic.

- Scout

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