22 January 2011

Bacon - It's so tasty, too!

Now that I have your attention.
Green beans + bacon = awesome. I'll show you:

And it's so simple!
1) Fry bacon. (Save the grease!)
2) Crumble bacon and set aside.
3) Steam green beans on the stove in the bacon grease. Maybe add some garlic.
4) When they're steamed, throw in some feta cheese and crumbled bacon. Stir.
Presto! That's all there is to it.
I made teriyaki chicken and pierogies to go with it.

Artist of the day: The Civil Wars! Check them out on Myspace and get a free download!

- Scout


lydiabeth. said...

Nik, that looks DELICIOUS. wow. mmm.
I wonder how to make pierogies from scratch...?

Scout said...

Pierogies are (at least, the kind my family gets from Walmart are) cheddar mashed potatoes in a noodle shell, so it's probably pretty easy. I don't know how real Polish pierogies are different, though.