18 January 2011

Simple Journal DIY

I am an easily distracted person who loves to write. This causes some (admittedly silly) problems. For example, I cannot write in journals with wide ruled paper. I find it distracting and I can't focus. So when I came to the last page of my journal, I was at a loss. I did not relish the task of having to find another journal that fit my somewhat OCD standards and one that inspired me to write, as well.

My solution was to make my own journal - from scratch. However, I don't have the tools for that, so instead I got a small Composition notebook from Target and personalized it to my liking.

1) Buy notebook
2) Find pictures, book pages, wrapping paper, pretty fabric, etc.
3) Decoupage!
4) Special features: I wanted a bookmark for my journal, so I found a lacy ribbon and decoupaged it to the back inside of the notebook. I also have a piece of elastic that I'm going to sew to the back inside cover to hold my journal shut.
5) To make the inside cover look neater, use decoupage or spray-on adhesive to apply a single piece of  fabric.

Happy writing!
- Scout