10 May 2011

Miscellaneous News/Updates

Hey, guys. It's summer! Hopefully I can make my blog make sense sometime soon, rather than just posting whatever is currently distracting me from homework. This week I'm going to work on some serious blog re-vamping. I'm working on focusing my focus (great, huh?). Anyway, we'll see what happens. I really hope to get organized soon.

In other news, I have no camera. Rather, I have two film cameras but no money to afford it. I am very nervous about surviving this year without being able to capture beauty the way I love, so I'm hoping that if/when I get a job I will be able to save up and find a good camera for cheap. So if anyone out there wants to sell a nice digital camera (preferably not a point and shoot) for cheap, or if you feel like praying that I can find something, I would be very very appreciative. This is the first time since I fell in love with photography that I haven't had a camera. For now I will just have to work on perfecting other forms of art.

My dad is doing good. He has a really good attitude about everything which is super impressive. Also, it's really difficult to find meals with low sodium - so many ingredients have crazy amounts of salt! Did you know eggs have lots of sodium? That means finding replacements for eggs. Milk also has a lot. We are figuring it out, though.

Finally, I love this song. It was posted on Skunkboy Creatures and I love it almost as much as her. This song plus photography equals my dream. It's too perfect.


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lydiabeth. said...

I love Moon River, though I will probably always prefer Holly Golightly's version... :)