13 May 2011

Blog B.O.L.O.: Today's Letters

Introducing my new absolute favorite blog: Today's Letters

I spent nearly all day yesterday reading my new absolute favorite blog: Today’s Letters. (Note: It’s still the first week of summer break and I also made bread, made dinner, and did other menial tasks. I am totally allowed to spend all day reading a blog). The idea behind the blog is neatly summed up in the subtitle: There are many things that can change a life…a letter is one of them. 

Emily and Tim Loerke are an insanely fantastic couple from Texas. Their blog (mostly Em’s) consists chiefly  of letters to people, but also has room for fist pump photos, great music, and posts about the super outdoorsy stuff Tim and Em do together. There are several guest posts, but most of the letter writing is done by Em. Every day she writes a letter to Mr. Loerke, letters to miscellaneous other people and things, and finishes off with another letter to her favorite boy roommate. Tim also writes letters to Em, though his are less frequent because he is a doctor of sorts and has lots of rotations to do and lives to save and whatnot. My favorite part: they both start and end their letter writing with a letter to each other.
Are they not the cutest couple ever?!

 Tim and Em met while working at a summer camp and dutifully started writing each other letters. They got married three years later and ended up going through some hard times. Rather than calling it quits (major fist pumps!) they went to Celebrate Recovery to work things out. As part of their process of relearning love and one another, they started writing letters again. These letters help them show appreciate and remember the little things they love about each other. 

I have absolutely loved reading their story and it has inspired me a) to be super super excited to be married, b) dance across the hardwoods, c) write letters to my future husband about things that I’m excited for, and d) all of the above. Y’all should definitely check out their site and be inspired to share your love for others. I dare you to write a letter to someone. I double dog – I triple dog dare you!

And saving the best for last:

Read their story here


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