25 May 2011

Blog B.O.L.O.: Food Coma

Meet Emma, of Food Coma.

Emma (sister of Elsie), is a business owner, a cupcake maker, a reader, and an unofficial chef (cook? Is there a difference?). She writes daily about new recipes she has made, found, tried, or edited. She is a vegetarian, but frequently provides vegan friendly meals. Though I am neither of those (give up steak? No thanks. Give up ice cream? Never.), I love her recipes. They all look amazing and are relatively healthy (maybe not the desserts). I am super excited to try her oatmeal and berry muffins.
On her site, she also writes book reviews from her recent literary finds and has the occasional fashion post. She dyed her hair blue recently, which I think is awesome, having had pink hair before. Her daring new hair venture might even inspire me to go pink again...But that's another post. 

Be sure to check out her blog if you're looking for some tasty treats or just a cute blog with funny jokes :)


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