13 May 2011

Friday Love

1. Spending the day drinking coffee, listening to beautiful music, and watching Criminal Minds. Heck yes.

2. This lovely illustration.

3. Illustrations by Bernie Fuchs. What stories do you think they tell?

4. These awesome rooms. 

5. This photograph. As if I didn't already want to spend all day in bed. 
(actually, I don't...but this photo makes me want to!)

6. Lovely music by Agnes Obel


P.S. I lied about changing Friday Love. Now that I'm actually writing it, changing it to something else just doesn't quite work like I thought it would. 
P.P.S. Fun fact: I wasn't going to put the picture of the bed in here but I have a strong aversion to the number five so I had to add something else to avoid ending on it.


Jemarie said...

The picture of the girl in blue
looks like Nancy Drew.

(I like to rhyme.
I do it all the time.)

Scout said...

One: I thought it looked like Nancy Drew as well.
Two: That Cosby episode is one of Andy's favorites.