28 May 2011

Friday Love

Sorry I'm late, y'all. My internet has been down for three or four days now. I'm using someone else's internet now. Here's some weekend love!

1. Wizards of Waverly Place.
Yes. I know. But I still love it.

2. This comic from here.

3. Pretty flowers from here.

4. Going to the beach for the first time in forever! (Except that one time in California a couple months ago...)

5. This [short] video.

6. I. Love. This. Man.
I watched this DVD last night of his performances at Newport Folk Festival for '63, '64, and '65. It was awesome and it's still on my mind. So now you get to hear me gush about Bob Dylan again :) 



Amber said...

Bob Dylan is great. I saw him in concert my senior year of highschool...about 5 years ago. It was pretty good.

Kelly said...

Bob has still got it! I saw him a few months ago :)