17 May 2011

Artist Spotlight: OK Go.

The video that started it all:

OK Go is a band of four guys from Chicago. Their music has a lighter, pop sound with a hint of rock and awesome thrown in. The band was formed in 1998 but they didn't catch everyone's attention until 2005 when they released their music video for A Million Ways, choreographed by lead singer Damian's sister. Since then they have become known for their ingenious music videos. The music video for Here It Goes Again - the one on treadmills - won an award on Youtube for most creative and a Grammy!Their videos are generally low budget, but the band continues to wow audiences with them and win awards for them. They currently have released 3 albums.

A favorite song:

And my new favorite video:

Though they are generally known for their music videos, OK Go has also made other videos for Youtube audiences. 

Check out their website and Myspace page.

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