25 June 2011

Remember that one time when I said I try not to blog about boring details of my life? Well...Here are more boring details for you :)

I did not do Friday Love yesterday because...I didn't feel like it. I was out late and then I was watching television and decided that I wanted to keep doing that. You know how when you were a kid and had a bedtime you would always beg your parents to let you stay up late watching television because it was so cool? Well, I don't have a bedtime, but I still love staying up late watching T.V. So I stayed up watching Frasier and That 70s  Show.

I was going to write the post today, though.
And today started out so well! I got up, picked out some pretty yarn colors to make flower pins, got my coffee, turned on You've Got Mail (my favorite movie ever), and started working on my blog post. I was copying and pasting the source links in a notepad so they'd be on hand for when I wrote my post, when my computer turned off. I have no idea why - it didn't overheat and there was no terrible blue screen, it just shut down. I'd probably spent an hour and a half working on my post when it shut down, and I lost all of the things I'd saved. I was very upset. So upset that I wasn't even interested in watching the rest of my movie. That does not happen. Not with You've Got Mail.
Anyway, that definitely threw off my groove and I was pretty glum for most of the day. Things got better when I went grocery shopping with my dad and sister, and things felt pretty great when I made dinner. I made up a recipe and I loved it, so the day feels much more like a success now. Yay!

All that to say...I did not do Friday Love. I might not do Friday Love. We'll see.
But thanks for reading anyway!


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