22 June 2011

A Random Poll

But not the kind you might accidentally walk in to. Haha...

Sometimes I get in these really weird moods where I feel like it is absolutely crucial that I blog about EVERYTHING. I have this weird need to tell you that one time when I was little I did this, or when I was with my extended family this happened and it was so funny! (except probably not so much if you don't know them), or how one time I accidentally did this and I felt really dumb, or maybe I should just tell you every little detail about my day and every thought that went along with it. You know, like how most people use Facebook statuses or Twitter. Usually I restrain myself because I think that a blog like that would be very boring for everyone but me.

But not today! Today I'm going to talk about my breakfast.

This morning I ate Lucky Charms for breakfast. I realized that, lamely, I have kind of made a ritual out of my Lucky Charms eating habits. First, I eat the crunchy pieces, that way I can have all the marshmallows at once at  the end. (I think I ate my Lucky Charms like a normal person once.  It was really weird and I haven't done it since.)
When I get to the marshmallows, I usually eat those in order, too. First I eat the broken pieces and the rainbows and horseshoes (those are usually broken anyway). Then I eat the marshmallows by kind - the hearts together, the red balloons together, the pots of gold together, et cetera. I generally save the pots of gold for last because there are more of those than the other kinds and they are the biggest.

It doesn't bother me as much to eat the marshmallows out of order, but I have to save the marshmallows for last.

Now for the poll question: Do you guys have any weird eating habits, like saving the marshmallows for last in your Lucky Charms? I know I'm not the only one that does this!


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Jo Bro said...

Where do we poll? In the comments? I hope so. I some-the-times eat my Lucky Charms that way (minus marshmallow order), or Cap'n Crunch Berries...I can't think of any other cereals with segregatability that increases their deliciousness though, and I don't even do that all the time. I once read about a guy that ate his spaghetti by laying each noodle out in straight lines...super bonus points if you know the book! (Hint: It's fiction)
Other eating habits? Ummm...I usually eat burgers (or sandwiches on burger-type buns) upside-down. It just happens with the way I grab them and flip them up to take a bite. When I make things, (sandwiches, tacos, burgers, etc.) or dish-out dinner for my wife, I *have* to make it neat...even though I don't care what it looks like for the eating. Mom will probably argue with that, but it's true. I can eat a terribly messy sloppy taco and not care what it looked like, but if I build it, I have have *have* to make it neatly.
Anyway, my comment is becoming a blog, so I'm ending it here...actually, not there, but over here.