10 June 2011

Friday Love

I want to make this chair. 

Perfect. Absolutely perfect. 

This makes me chuckle.

I'm not sure I would wear this dress if I had it, but I do like the idea a lot. 

I was never really a jewelry person (at least I don't think I was), but this past year I randomly started loving jewelry - especially rings. This is weird, considering I never used to like having things on my fingers or wearing rings when I was going to get my hands wet (so no washing hands, which means no going to the bathroom, which...isn't happening. So no rings!).  But suddenly I love rings, hence the following photograph.

I love this bird! I feel like he should be the main character in a story. I think it would be "Ernie the Awkward Bird". He would be nerdy, stand too close to people, say "HI!" too quickly and enthusiastically, and maybe talk like he had a retainer. I don't really know what he would do, but...I like him. He'd probably stare at people awkwardly, too. I mean, look at those eyes! 
I just love it!


1 comment:

lydiabeth. said...

I love the birdie. :) Cute idea. Maybe he can be a friend of Carlos.