06 November 2012

Snapshots: October

I was definitely slacking in the blogging department last month. Oh well. Here are some pictures to catch you up!

Blurry rides to work (sadly, those colors are no longer there - Sandy blew them away). All that jazz. Books, books, books (Life of Pi is also on that list). Autumn colors. Pumpkin Spice. Game nights.



Patricia Picard said...

You always make the best photographies ever! Those songs, those amazing childhood books, that latte, I could watch your pictures for a lifetime!

Olive xox

Scout said...

Merci beaucoup! You are so sweet! Your comments make my day so much better :)

Caleisha said...

Norah Jones & Michael Buble' :) Your picture made me smile. Thanks!


Scout said...

Aw, thanks! It's good stuff, right? (The musicians, I mean).