14 November 2012

Engagement Shoot

This past weekend I went to Virginia Beach to take my friends' engagement photos. It was so much fun! We ate doughnuts and wandered around, laughing and taking photos. I met Justin and Meghan in college and love them both so much. They are so hilarious and an incredibly photogenic couple. I couldn't have asked for a better photo session - we had so much fun, and it was nice to have their permission to get up in their grill and take all the pictures I would have wanted to take anyway :)



Lindsay said...

I really like these. I never got to meet Meghan, but I know that Justin likes her, and I know that I like Justin. It's so great to see their personalities just ooze out in these pictures, and it makes me really happy that the personality they share is one that I recognize from hanging out with Justin in college. In short: they look really happy, and they look super cute AND good for each other. :)

Scout said...

You are so right, and it's so cool that you can tell all that from my photos :)