20 September 2011

Today I:

  • remembered that I really like this song:  
  • watched You've Got Mail. Again.
  • made this for dinner. It was definitely fantastic.
  • listened to my Broadway station on Pandora and belted it out with Elphaba, the cast of Rent, Elton John, Simba, and several others. 
  • Made these crochet slippers. They're meant to be Mary-Jane style, but I decided not to do that just yet. 
  • I also remembered to show these funny pictures to you. I laughed at them a lot when I found them. The ones on the right are my favorites.
                       (this one reminds me of a guy from my college orientation group...) 

Peace out! 


earlynovemberlove said...

Would I happen to be dating this guy now? :P
I laughed at murder eyes, T-rex (a lot), becoming self-conscious about arms (I do that all the time!)

Scout said...

Yes, you would happen to be dating this guy :)
T-rex and being self-conscious about arms made me laugh the most.

Jemarie said...

Heyyyy buddy, you wouldn't happen to have something like a pattern for those there slippers, now would you?