18 September 2011

Friday Love

Yet another belated Friday Love. I got back from work Friday afternoon and had already decided I wasn't going to do anything. I would have worked on it yesterday, but my computer kept dying. Anyway, here goes.

Pioneer Woman. Her show is kind of corny, but I just think everything about her is adorable and wonderful. I would love to have her life. ...minus the farm work.
Source - the article is pretty good.

A cool website called Letterheady, where I found this:
I also liked the Peter Pan stationary.

The Marx Bros. There's one clip that briefly shows all the brothers' characters, but I can't find it anywhere. They all go into a guy's office one after the other to do an interview, and every one of them does a Chevalier impression. It's completely chaotic and hilarious because they all end up talking at once.

Parenthood. I still have to watch most of season 2 before starting this season.

Bing Crosby Christmas music - especially on vinyl. I'm fairly certain I stayed up an extra two hours last night listening to it over and over again.

This shirt found here. I really I want to make one.


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