09 September 2011

My Favorite Photograph

The blog Sunshine and Carousels is hosting a giveaway, found here. Of course, I'm trying it. I always try giveaways, but I never win. Oh well. 
This particular giveaway asks that you describe your favorite picture that you've taken. After commenting, I decided I wanted to tell you guys, too. 
This picture is of my parents and Bernice. She's the picture frame. I found her in my garage and decided that I loved her and she would make the perfect photograph companion. Don't you agree? Anyway, I really think this picture is charming. Almost American Gothic-esque. It's not a very, shall we say, professional picture. I didn't edit the colors to make them more vivid, I didn't have my parents dress to coordinate, I just decided to take the picture. I really like it that way, though. It  almost feels kind of raw. Realistic and, forgive me if this is terribly conceited, but American. I mean, it feels like it could be anyone, you know? It's not an exclusive picture. Even my cousin - one of the most critical ones - said he thought it was the most charming picture he's ever seen. That was a couple years ago, so maybe he's found something else by now, but it was still a very high compliment. 
What do you think of it? 

Maybe I'll share more Bernice photographs later. 

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