21 September 2011

Artist Spotlight: The Vespers

Sunday night I went to Messiah College to see The Vespers perform.

My first experience with The Vespers was a year or so ago when my friend sent me a message on Facebook telling me to listen to them. I downloaded their album for free, listened to about a minute of it, and decided I didn't really like it. Mostly, I think, I just wasn't in the mood for their style at the time.
However, my friend is very persistent, and she always talked about how much she loved them, how she'd met them and thought they were fantastic, et cetera. She convinced me to listen to their song Dear Sir, which, after actually giving it a chance, I decided I loved.
I still never listened to the rest of their music.

But then she told me they were going to be in concert - for free - so I decided to go. I figured it was free, live music is almost always entertaining, and it'd be cool to meet them.
Let me tell you, their concert was one of the most exciting performances I've seen.

Their first album is fairly calm and relaxing - my favorite style of music - but their concert was far from mundane. There were banjos, guitars, drums, mandolins, ukuleles, and an upright bass. The girls provide beautiful harmonies while every one of the members radiates with passion for their music that you can't help but absorb.

The Vespers are a folk/indie group hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. Their style is similar to that of Mumford & Sons and The Civil Wars (who they've toured with! Insert large quantities of jealousy here). Not exactly alike, mind you, but there are similar vibes. They bring to the table a very folksy sound and very impressive music skills. Every member plays multiple instruments. They also have impeccable taste and the best southern twang (when speaking) you could ask for - charming without being overwhelming or annoying. I was definitley a fan, especially since I'm slightly homesick for Tennessee. I got to meet them after the show and they are definitely a pretty swell group.

Check out their website, Myspace, Facebook page, and new video on Youtube, and download their album for free! Or pay for it to support the band and their next album...that's always a nice thing to do. 

All photographs stolen from their Facebook page. 



unknown said...

Not really my cup of tea but this kind of thing was done in the sixty's by simon and garfunkel

Lydia Beth said...

Um, yes.