01 September 2011

The Help and Other Things

I have spent the past two days watching lots of movies. My excuse is that I've had a headache and I didn't want to push doing too much, because that does not always end well. So today, before my head finally let up, I watched Julie & Julia and Rent. 
Someone once said I was like Amy Adams in Julie & Julia. I watched it soon after they said that and realized...she is very whiny and narcissistic. But, rather than be hurt and paranoid, I decided I'd just take it to mean I was adorable and liked to cook, and I try not to think about it anymore. 

Last night, one of my bffs took me to see The Help as my belated birthday present. It was fantastic! I had a headache the whole time, so I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have, but the movie was still great. It stayed very close to the book. They left out some historical facts about the time period and some details from different people's stories, but it made sense considering the length of the book and the length of your typical movie. 
The few things they added, I really loved. Two were confrontational that were just great to watch, and the third one, oddly enough, was religious. In the book, Aibileen's reason for helping with the book is Hilly Holbrook. In the movie, we see her at church, listening to her pastor talk about courage and what God calls us to do, and she tells Skeeter that her reason for helping with the book was God - and Hilly Holbrook.
Anyway, I definitely recommend you go see it. I'm hoping to go again sometime soon. 
Plus, the movie had the prettiest sets and costumes. I wish I could dress like them every day!
Peace out! 


earlynovemberlove said...

Is the girl in the 3rd picture in The Village? If not she looks like her.

Scout said...

Yes, it is. Her name is Bryce Dallas Howard - her dad is Ron Howard of Andy Griffith and Happy Days.