08 August 2011

Good Times Playlist 1

Remember that CD swap from before? Well, things are all sorted out. Originally I was randomly paired up with...one of my best friends from college. However, I was able to get a new partner, we exchanged information, and will soon have successfully exchanged CDs. I mailed hers sometime last week and got mine today.
Anyway, I wanted to share the mix I made for her. I think I'm pleased with it. I had a difficult time with the arrangement and I didn't have as many summery sounding songs as I wanted. I also think I would leave out Twist and Shout if I had to do it again. Strange, considering how much I love the Beatles. I'm just not sure it fits with the vibes from the rest of the mix.
The only difference between this one and the one I sent to Emma is that I used Lily Allen's cover of Mr. Blue Sky rather than ELO's original version. I would have preferred to put Lily's version on Emma's CD because I think it sounds more summery, but I don't own it.
I hope you enjoy!

I'll return soon with the one I received.


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