22 August 2011

Summer Breeze Playlist

Today is absolutely glorious. It's sunny and breezy and just perfect. In honor of this fantastic day, I've put together what I hope to be a breezy feeling playlist. You'll understand when you listen to it. 

Other miscellaneous thoughts in my head: 
  • I think The Beach Boys are the perfect summer band. 
  • I would really like to own some Cat Stevens and Cyndi Lauper music. 
  • I ordered some books by/about Bob Dylan online. I cannot wait for them to arrive! I don't think they'll come until next week and I hate waiting. 
  • I downloaded an audio version of The Help. I'm very excited to listen to it, but that sucker is about 18 hours long! Do you like audio books? One of my favorites was Tarzan. The Series of Unfortunate Events was also really great to listen to. Which audio books do you like? 
Peace out!

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