08 August 2011

You Can Almost See The Carpet

I decided that you guys should see my room. Not because it's cute or anything, like other bloggers out there. I'm showing you my room because it's insanely messy and it kind of amuses me. There are several things to consider, though, before you judge me.  
1) I got back from college in the beginning of May and didn't spend too much time organizing my stuff because I was thinking I might end up going back to school.
2) I acquired a lot of stuff in the two years that I've been at college - stuff that had been in storage at my school. Since I'm not going back (I guess that's another story for another day), I have to bring all of my stuff home and try to cram it all in my one tiny room, instead of one tiny room at home and one tiny room at school.
 Are you ready? Be warned, these photos are not for the faint of heart. 

See? I told you. It's bad. In my floor you will find: 
  • totes and messengers bags that were on the back of my door before the hanger broke
  • scarves that were hanging on the wall but had to be removed in order to kill a bug
  • dishes that I've bought at thrift stores and am saving for my future house
  • unfinished craft projects, yarn, and fabric scraps
  • books that probably don't have a home because my bookshelf is packed
  • a boombox that I got on my 8th birthday (heck yeah! it still works, too. beat that!)
  • VHSs of Disney movies because I can afford those (as opposed to DVDs)
  • pink headphones that are almost broken
  • an unorganized coupon collectio
  • psychology textbooks (woot!)
  • miscellaneous small baskets/boxes that will be used to organize small items once I get the big ones out of the way
  • a makeup bag filled with eyeliner that I LOVE to play around with
  • a can of Raid because I'm as prepared as a Boyscout
  • Clothes, stationary, a comforter,...and who knows what else.
 In this corner you can see my ladder bookshelf, a closet (fairly empty of clothes), and...all the clothes on the floor. 
Do you see that book on the ladder called Pornified? It's awesome. You should look it up. It's about the effects of porn on different people and the American culture. Fascinating. On top of Pornified is a copy of Macho Paradox. Another book worth reading.

 This is my bookshelf. I love it. I have it organized. Some of my favorite things on there are my Harry Potter things (books, wand, and playing cards), a book of Norman Rockwell paintings, and a book of photographs of the Beatles. It also houses a collection of Agatha Christie novels, yarn, sketchbooks, my favorite classic novels, and two old cameras that I wish worked. 

 This picture is a little overexposed (unlike all the others...), but I only have access to a crappy camera and I don't believe in photoshop so you'll just have to get over it.
In the bottom left corner are some of the dishes I'm saving for my home. The tray on the crates holds my necklaces, at least until I finish my new jewelry hanger. I'm really bad at finishing projects...I bet you never would have guessed. On the right of the crates is a pink dinosaur named Seamus. He's kind of hard to see because he's standing on his head. He squeals really funny when you squeeze him - that's what I love about him. I stole it from some little kids at camp a few years back...Good times.

Don't worry, guys. I'm going to clean my room. Now that I know I'm staying home this fall, I am dying to take care of it. I'm hoping to get my hands on a dresser tomorrow, which will give me a lot more space. I'm also thinking of moving my mattress off of the floor and building shelves underneath of it. Like this one: 
So, yeah. That's all, I guess. Now don't you feel so much better about your so-called "messy" home? 
Yeah. You're welcome.

Peace out!


lydiabeth. said...

oh, snap. I lovveee the bed on the bookshelf thing. Whoa. Do it.

earlynovemberlove said...

This made me giggle. Also, using a ladder as a bookshelf? A+ (Doesn't seem to hold a whole lot though...)
ALSO, this made me miss you a lot : (