23 August 2011

This Week

I'm trying to spend a lot of time reading this week. I have this habit of starting books, getting distracted, and starting new books, never finishing any. So my goal is to finish The Macho Paradox and get as far as I can in Walden and Jayber Crow.
In the midst of these three books, I downloaded a free audio book from Audible.com. My intention was to get Water For Elephants - I've been curious about that one for a while. However, right next to Water For Elephants was The Help. I'd seen just enough of a trailer to know I'd like the movie but miss what the story was about. When I went to lunch with some friends the other day, one of them told me about it. On a whim, I got that book, instead. I'm only four and a half hours in, but I love it. It's definitely inspired me to look more into the Civil Rights movement. (This is the only way I learn anything about history - hearing about it from a novel or movie first and then looking it up for myself).

Here's the trailer for the movie. I absolutely cannot wait to see it, especially since Bryce Dallas Howard is in it (see: The Village).

Peace out!

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