15 March 2011

San Diego: Day One

We got up bright and early to leave for the airport, where we hung out for a few hours. We played cards, chatted with people, and ate expensive food. Finally, we boarded the plane and took off.

We got up bright and early to make our trek to the airport. It was nearly a three hour drive, but it was beautiful, despite the grey, drizzly rain. We got through the airport, made it through security fairly quickly, and hung out while we waited for our flight.

I love flying. I wanted a window seat so badly, but I didn't get one. Luckily, the lady I sat next to didn't mind me craning my neck over her to see the view. I've never seen mountains from the top before - it was so incredible!

The flight was pretty good. I read a play called I Never Sang For My Father and finished reading an amazing book called The Gutter, by Craig Gross. I'll tell you about it sometime. I highly recommend it. I also talked to the man next to me. He was Peruvian, and he was reading a book about formatting a website. He wants to start an online store for pet clothes, and he was studying so his website would be effective.

We arrived in San Diego about 4 hours later, where we met up with Shawn and John, both from City of Refuge. They drove us to our new home in some pretty awesome ghetto vans. The one I was in was all red.

We got settled into our rooms and headed out to the beach for some sight seeing.

Me and a friend on the beach
I found a sand dollar!
The sunset - for my mom. This was at Coronado Island [peninsula].
 My amazing group: 

We also looked at the San Diego skyline that night, and ate ginormous burritos from a place called Cotijas. They were delicious - we went back at the end of the week for more.

- Scout

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