16 March 2011

San Diego: Day Two

Sunday is sabbath at City of Refuge, so we had plans to do nothing all day. We hung out some in the morning, drinking coffee and listening to one of our team members play guitar and sing. For lunch we enjoyed our first taste of In-N-Out Burger and got stickers to remember our trip by. Then, of course, we made a quick Wal-Mart run. After that, we made our way to Balboa Park. We watched a concert on one of the world's largest organs, then wandered around watching street performers, petting dogs and parrots, and looking at the beautiful flowers and plants.

Ferns at Balboa Park.   
Photo courtesy of Chris Leary. 
 Shawn. I like this guy. He has my stamp of approval. 
 I don't know what kind of dog this is, but it reminded me of a polar bear. I really want one. 
 One of the many street performers.
 Another group shot. Photo courtesy of Shawn. 

Later that day we went to Old Town. They had a bunch of cool shops with gorgeous rings (that sales guy was very persistent, but I resisted!), candy, jewelry, and various souvenirs.

 - Scout

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