01 March 2011


My daddy's birthday is next Tuesday. I will be in California and without my laptop, so I'm writing a post for my dad a week early.

Dear Daddy,
I love you :) I am so grateful to have you as my dad. I think it's awesome that you always do little things for the family, like making coffee for mom every morning, and for me, too, when I'm home. I love that you remember to celebrate things like Valentine's day with your daughters. I love that you make an effort on the little things, even if it means stretching the money a little bit. I love that you're a construction worker. I think it's hilarious that you always fall asleep when we watch television and blame us if you miss something :) I love your taste in music (well, some of it - like Led Zeppelin). I think it's awesome that you went to so many amazing concerts (although I'm also pretty jealous). I think it's cool that they had dirt at your birthday :)
I think you are gumbocious.

I have a to-do list for you for this summer.
1. Take me fishing with you (but probably not for very long)
2. Watch a Clint Eastwood movie with me.
3. If I'm being honest, I'll probably want you to help me with lots of little projects, too :)

Happy early birthday, daddy! I hope I'll be able to call you next week.
I love youwlaejfoishgkaejhgiehgkihegeheglkjfdbnkjdfnhwindow!

- Scout

(Now I know this is your favorite song, so I'm going to post it again)

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