09 February 2012


I love color. Not necessarily bright colors, but I do love different tones and combinations. I also love how different color combinations can hint at different things. For instance, how so many decades of the 1900s have prominent colors - pink and teal for the 50s; olive green, burnt orange, and mustard yellow for the 70s; neon colors for the 80s, etc. If you are setting a scene from a different time, one of the biggest things you can do to set the mood is adjust the color.
Anyway, today I spent some quality time on Design Seeds. These are the colors I found striking.


I think those cover my recent favorite colors - most of them rich neutrals, but the jewel tones are beautiful, too. And, even though they aren't my favorite colors, lately I've been loving these two color combinations.

What are your favorite colors? 


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