05 February 2012


My beautiful mommy. 


My beautiful baby.

White Cheddar Chicken Pasta. 

Electrical outlets that look like Kirby

We got our car fixed...and then it broke down.

She loves shoe laces.

Those orange things? Those are fish eggs. And I ate them - how's that for a first? Not that it probably really counts, since I couldn't taste them. I'm also fairly certain that that was the first time I tried wasabi. Go me! 

The first signs of spring!

And then more signs of winter.

My craft project, now that I'm not framing pictures or crocheting. I wanted something relaxing and hand sewn. I really like it. 


P.S. Remember that I put my photos up to sell in a coffee shop? Well, one of them sold! I'm super excited! 


Kelly said...

That little clutch is ADORABLE.

And I sure love those outlets. We've been playing N64 constantly.

Also... good for you to try something new! I'm a big sushi fan myself... but I'm devastated, because my favorite sushi place went out of business :(

Scout said...

Thanks! I'm thinking of making more to sell, but I'm not sure yet.
I'm not big on Nintendo stuff, but the stuff I like is definitely the older things. Mario Tennis was always my favorite - and the only one I'm any good at :P