28 February 2012

New Slang

I am so perfectly content today.
The weather is beautiful. 
I'm sewing some pretty felt clutches for you guys. 

I'm listening to the Shins. 
New Slang by The Shins on Grooveshark

I'm drinking green tea. 
I might get a real job soon (hooray, steady income!). 
I get to watch NCIS tonight. 
I'm going to finish reading Eating Animals today. I'm going to continue reading Pride & Prejudice. Tomorrow I start listening to Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (while making more items for my shop).
(Kicking it old school with cassette tapes)

What are some highlights of your day? 



Kelly said...

You are really such a talent. I love these new patterns :)

Scout said...

Thank you so much! It means a lot :)