22 February 2012

Artist Spotlight: The Shins

Lately, The Shins have been steadily climbing my list of favorite artists. They have such a catchy, light, clean sound. It's happy and cheerful while being calm and soothing. Does it get any better than that?

The Shins started in 1996 as a side project for the lead singer, James Mercer. However, the first album was so popular that it became necessary to form a full band. Over the years their popularity has continued to grow, especially after their work on the soundtrack of Garden State.

Interesting tidbit: In 2008, The Shins' song Past and Pending was played at Heath Ledger's funeral.

Check out their website, Facebook, and Myspace.



Emma said...

That's actually pretty interesting that The Shins was played at Heath Ledger's funeral. I have to say, I can't wait for Port of Morrow to come out next month. After seeing their video for Simple Song, I'm even more excited!! Yay for iTunes having it available for free download :)

Scout said...

I know! I actually just watched it for the first time - it's absolutely fantastic.

JoBro said...

This puts new meaning to the threatening phrase: "I'm gonna kick you in the Shins!"