06 February 2012

DIY: Painted Bobby Pins

Sometimes I really think it should be spelled "bobbi" instead of "bobby".

Anyway, this is another project I found via Pinterest. It's super quick and easy. I've done it before with gold, but who knows where those pictures went, and anyway I wanted minty green this time.

Supplies: nail polish, bobby pins, and paper or thin cardboard.

Are you ready for this, guys? You might need to write this down.
First, put your bobby pins on the paper or cardboard.
Second, use your nail polish to paint the top of the bobby pins.

That's it. I mean, you do have to wait for them to dry before you can use them, but that's a given. It also might be helpful to move the bobby pins over after you paint them so they don't get stuck to the paper when they dry. Anyway, I hope you like them!


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