26 February 2012


How's this for a cheerful morning?

This book finally came in the mail this week. I've never particularly liked the story before (though occasionally I'd watch the Kiera Knightly movie version for the music and about two scenes), but for some reason, it is exactly what I wanted to read lately. 

Yes, this is how I roll. 

My cousin was visiting so we went out for a photography walk. 

Man, Starbucks is everywhere! 

My cousin had a photography project she was working on, and I was modeling for her. The top right is my favorite. (This is not the finished project). 

I poached an egg for the first time in my life. 

I also made sweet potato french fries - check out my other blog on Tuesday for the recipe! 

New tags for shop orders

I also spent a considerable amount of time watching Downton Abbey. I'm so sad that I've finished. The first season is on Netflix, if you're interested in watching it, and the second one is on the PBS website for a limited time, so you'd better hurry!


P.S. Finally, check out this painting giveaway that a friend of mine is hosting! 


Anonymous said...

LOVE that coffee mug! and yes, Starbucks is everywhere (at least in my world, lol) You look so cute in those photos! OMG you mentioned my painting giveaway!! That is so awesome and means so much to me :) I wish we lived closer to each other so we could go get coffee and blog and craft together.


Jobro said...

What's the deal with your pose in that top-right picture you like...it seems to me like it was supposed to be an old person without teeth...

Scout said...

Sarah - That sounds wonderful! We should try to do that sometime. If I get more readers, I'd love to do more swaps - Mix CD swaps, craft swaps, etc. That could be one way of crafting together without actually being together.
Broder - Jess told me my mouth wasn't very straight, so I was trying to make my lips look straight.

Anonymous said...

Yes we should set up some sort of exchange/swap with each other. My plan for the next month is to work like crazy on making more stuff to sell, and then focus on building my shop.

Scout said...

That's what I'm kind of trying to do for March. It'd really help if I learned to work consistently instead of in spurts.